At Fine Pet & Caps, everything starts and ends with an emphasis on quality.

We follow TQM (Total Quality Management) processes all down the line. JIT (Just-In-Time) manufacturing/inventory control? We follow it. ERP? We have it. ISO norms? ASTM standards? We follow them, always! Our technical and production staff have been trained by ASB, and know precisely what they're doing. The result is a product that meets exacting standards, worldwide.

Our Infrastructure
Fine Pet & Caps started manufacturing with ten Nissei ASB Machines 50 MB & Fully Automatic Machines.

ASB machines and molds are able to produce PET containers with advanced features such as Heat Resistance, Heat & Pressure Resistance, containers with Barrier Properties, and more. Equally importantly, ASB's global manufacturing, sales, and service network ensures prompt response to your every question and service need.

Nozzle touch is maintained throughout the machine cycle, which contributes to clean operation and prevents contamination, while reducing material losses significantly.

  • Our ASB-50MB machines have been reengineered to do this.
  • By implementing servo rotation and improved hydraulics the machine dry cycle is faster.
  • The upper and lower conditioning station enables the preform temperature to be profiled prior to blow molding ensuring an ideal match to the container.
  • Cycle time reduction, increased Electric motor capacity and Hydraulic pump capacity enable simultaneous charging and molding opening, resulting in more flexibility during molding and aiding in the reduction of cycle time.
  • Improved preform conditioning Heating zones are increased from 6 to 12 with 24 pin connectors.
  • Conditioning core assembly is redesigned and the assembly made simpler. This feature reduces mold installation time.
  • Hydraulic circuit and piping are redesigned, and additional pressure switches are added for pressure monitoring. This feature reduces the power consumption.

Theoretical Injection Capacity cm3 113 Driving Power kW 18.5 Heater Capacity kW 14 Oil Reservoir Capacity L 250 Machine Size (L*W*H) mm 3750*1130*2730 Machine Weight (Approx.) ton 3.0

  • 2-cavity : Body diameter 100mm is available with less than 200mm height.
  • 3-cavity : Body diameter 74mm is available with less than 200mm height.

Raw Materials:
We procure ASPET Prime 20C Material which is of Bootle Grade and Halco Batch Colors. Both are non-toxic and food grade, possess oxygen barrier properties, are hygienic, and are free from dust.

Technical & Managerial Staff:
We have highly skilled operators who are experienced in working with Nissei ASB machines. Proper training & guidance is provided by ASB to each & every employee.

Quality Control Department:
Quality Inspection is performed by Quality Inspectors on all the samples .Each bottle's and cap's weight, height, proportion, neck dimension, colors, wall thickness, top load, drop tool are checked by them to ensure that our customers' specifications are met.
Industry Standards and ASTM Standards are thoroughly followed within the organization.

Packing Department:
We ensure that as much attention is paid to packing as is to manufacturing. Our packing staff operates in near-sterile conditions to ensure that the highest standards are maintained. The final product is wrapped with 560 mm size & 15 microns polythene shrink film in 3-ply corrugated boxes.

We are so sure of what we do at Fine Pet & Caps that we can confidently say : Whatever your product, we can bottle it, AND cap it too!