Our total manufacturing capacity is around 40 million caps per month.

Roll on Pilfer Proof Closures (also called R.O.P.P. caps), made of high quality Aluminium, are internationally accepted sealing devices fitted on glass, plastic and metal containers for prevention of pilferage, adulteration, leakage, evaporation, or spilling. A simple twist breaks the pilfer proof seal, assuring the consumer of the purity of the sealed product. Re-capping the container after part consumption of the product ensures that the contents are sealed again, and do not deteriorate or evaporate fast. This shows the vital role the simple cap plays. At Bhavani Seals Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture the best & internationally accepted R.O.P.P. caps made of quality Aluminium. The standard sizes we manufacture are of 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 31.5mm, 38mm, 46mm, 53mm, 29/35mm, and 30/34mm. Besides these we also manufacture customized caps according to our customers's requirements.

We have the highest quality machines to manufacture these caps.

When you see an ROPP cap by Bhavani Seals on any container, that's your guarantee of freshness and purity.